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    Crime and the Law

    Learning Outcomes

    • Define and operationalize crime in the United States
    • Classify offenses and articulate penalties for various crimes.
    • Identify and describe culpable mental states when assigning criminal responsibility.


    1. Review the Lectures and Key Terms for**
    2. Complete the BlackBoard Quizzes for lectures and Key Terms Sec 3.1 – 3.3 & 3.5
    3. Read Crime, Criminal Justice, and Criminology (1.12 – 1.13)*
    4. Read: Criminal Law (3.2 – 3.4;3.6&3.12)*
    5. Complete the Criminal Law Critical Thinking Questions Exercise (Questions # 1, #2 & #3)*
    6. Review the Introduction to Criminal Law Summary***
    7. Complete the You be the Lawyer Exercise***


    *Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System: Open Oregon Educational Resources

    **Criminal Justice: An Overview of the System: Adam McKee

    ***Criminal Law by University of Minnesota textbook – Includes Key takeaways, exercises and references.