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    Learning Outcomes

    • Identify and define concepts specific to the court processes and actors in the United States
    • Summarize the goals, organizations and procedures of the courts


    1. Read The Legal System in the United States (2.3 – 2.4)***
    2. Watch The Role of the Courts (17 min)****
    3. Review the Lectures and Key Terms for**
    4. Complete the BlackBoard Quizzes for lectures and Key Terms Sec 3.4 & 5.1 – 5.4
    5. Read Courts (7.1 – 7.10)*
    6. Watch FAQs: Juries (40 min)***
    7. Complete the Courts Critical ThInking Exercise*


    *Introduction to the American Criminal Justice System: Open Oregon Educational Resources

    **Criminal Justice: An Overview of the System: Adam McKee

    ***Criminal Law by University of Minnesota textbook

    ****Annenberg Classroom